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Delicate Serrated Forceps, 20 Gauge 2-878N

Friday, June 17, 2011

Delicate Serrated Forceps, 20 Gauge 2-878N

• Delicate serrated jaws with blunt tip, tip length 3.0mm
• Straight 20 gauge tube, length 32.5mm
• Squeeze action handle closes forceps
• Detachable tip heads for cleaning purposes
• Round squeeze handle, length 143mm

Designed for peeling and manipulating thicker membranes. Jaws have serrations inside for non-slip gripping.

The new vitreo-retinal instruments are supplied complete (handle and head) in own specifically designed sterilizing tray. The head is protected with a plastic (PEEK) cover that can be sterilized.
Duckworth and Kent advise using the Protective Cleaning Cover when the detachable tip heads are sent for reprocessing, ensuring appropriate protection is provided and thorough cleaning and disinfection is carried out.

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