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Hara Curved Nucleus Divider (designed for left side port) 6-083-3

Friday, April 06, 2012

Hara Curved Nucleus Divider (designed for left side port) 6-083-3

During horizontal chop technique, the lens nucleus is held in position using relatively high vacuum by phacoemulsification tip buried in the center of the nucleus.  Horizontal chopper is passed under the distal edge of the anterior capsulotomy and around the lens equator then, drawn through the lens nucleus toward the phaco handpiece in the horizontal plane.  Phaco tip and chopper are separated laterally, breaking the nucleus into two pieces.  Horizontal choppers have a cutting edge that enables the chopper to cut through the nucleus in a specific direction. 

Curved, sharp inner sides of tip with tip length of 1.1mm.  Cutting edge is 35° to axis and designed for left side port.  Curved shaft at 45° angle.

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