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Small Flushing Adaptor 6-675-1

Friday, August 17, 2012

Small Flushing Adaptor 6-675-1

The small flushing adaptor is used in conjunction with the plastic re-usable protective cover that is supplied with every Vitreoretinal Head and enables ‘back flush’ cleaning and disinfection of the VR Head.

Suitable for all Duckworth & Kent Vitreoretinal Instrument Heads.  Standard luer fitting.

For more information, contact:  

Crestpoint Management Ltd. (Previously D&K USA)

9100 Watson Road, Suite 100

St. Louis, MO 63126-2241

Phone:          (314) 849-7773, (800) 756-7773

Fax:               (314) 849-7776