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Knowledge, Power & Size Matter

Friday, November 01, 2013

Knowledge, power and size go together where nutritional supplements are concerned. You want to know something about the people behind the company you buy nutritional products from. Look for formulas designed by qualified supplement industry professionals with credentials you can trust.

Learn to read labels.

Look for pure and unadulterated formulas free of artificial colors, fillers, preservatives and other unnecessary ingredients you probably can’t pronounce.  

We also recommend you look for companies who include GMO-free ingredients, or ingredients that comply with EU regulations for non-GMO labeling requirements.  

Unfortunately, these standards are not the thinking of discount retailers or companies not committed to product efficacy and safety.  

Economic times and questionable advertising has brainwashed many into believing that bargain multiple vitamins at RDA levels are as efficacious as products that include a biochemically-balanced full-spectrum of full-body health and eye-health-specific vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.   

The old adage continues to be right: we get what we pay for.

The discount retailer was responsible for first-rate supplement designers and manufacturers starting to sell their products through licensed medical practitioners who genuinely care about their patients having access to high-quality formulas that work.

Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) vs. Percent Daily Value (%DV).

Suzy Cohen, America’s and my most favorite pharmacist, and the author of Drug Muggers, a fantastic book that focuses on all of the nutrients destroyed by prescription drugs, suggests that too many people are obsessed with meeting the USDA’s Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for each vitamin and mineral because they have been taught that getting 100 percent of the RDAs means they will stay healthy.
Remember this: the RDAs were outdated years ago. 
Those numbers refer to the amount of vitamins and minerals required to stay alive. They have little to do with helping prevent age-related degenerative disease or the maintenance of optimal health, particularly if the micronutrients included in supplements are synthetic or biologically less available. 

The RDAs were originally developed during World War II based on the minimum amount of nutrition our military needed to stay alive since food was rationed to both the military and to the public. 

These recommendations evolved over the years from RDAs to percent daily values (%DVs) based on a 2,000 calorie a day diet, but these amounts are still inadequate for optimal health, particularly given the sad state of U.S. food policy, and the profit-above-all driven companies who control our nutrient-deficient food industry.

Questionable corporate farming practices have virtually depleted our soils of nutrients. Industrialization has contaminated our rain and our rivers. Many oceans and rivers are tainted with pharmaceuticals in addition to radioactive waste, mercury, and other toxins.  
These are just some of the reasons why it’s so important to supplement with high-quality multiple nutrients that help detoxify our bodies, over the discount store lower quality supplements mass produced with chemicals and synthetic ingredients,

We can’t live in fear of all this, but we can all work harder to clean up our bodies, along with eating nutrient-dense foods and exercising. Avoiding processed and junk foods from the center of the supermarket is also a great way to start, if you have not done so already. 

Suzy Cohen suggests, “If you are going to make the effort and investment in supplements, please choose a well-formulated nutritional product that’s pure and active.”  

This type of product is rarely available from those with a dollar-a-day mentality since these indication-specific products also require the purchase of other dollar-a-day products to achieve effective full-spectrum nutrition, which frequently leads to micronutrient imbalance.  True value is simply not there. 

Well-designed full-spectrum multiples exceed RDA amounts, but do not exceed the amount deemed the safe upper level (UL) by the Institute of Medicine. 

Size Really Does Matter.

Size matters because natural raw ingredients, like a lot of things, vary in size - with minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium being the largest. 

These big boy molecules require a huge amount of leg room.  When minerals and a large variety of phytochemical antioxidants are included in full-spectrum multiples in capsule form, the daily dosage is always going to be between four and six capsules a day for optimally effective nutrition.  While this may seem like a lot of capsules, it's fewer per day than supplementing with a less potent mutiple and individual indication-specific formulas or nutrients, which again, too often leads to micronutrient imbalance. 
Space becomes particularly important when supplements are presented in capsule form that meet United States Pharmacopeia (USP) dissolution standards.  Common sense suggests this type of capsule with loose raw ingredients would more easily dissolve in the stomach with a higher level of bio-availability than multiple nutrients compressed into pill form with binders and covered in some outer chemical substance to keep them from disintegrating. 

Ellen Troyer, MT MA, with Spencer Thornton, MD and the Biosyntrx research staff. 


Some new pilling processes are reported to be producing nutritional supplement tablets that disintegrate almost instantly when dropped into a glass of water.  Any tablet that disintegrates that fast in only water is questionable; reactivity with moisture in the air would most likely cause disintegration in the bottle.  Capsules have the advantage of unique mixes, protection for sensitive ingredients, and they usually break down within four minutes in the stomach. They are tasteless, slicker and easier to swallow than tablets. 

Remember that dropping a capsule in a glass of plain water is not the test used for dissolution because it does not represent what happens when a capsule is introduced to stomach acid. 

Biosyntrx multiples are specifically designed to fill each capsule with high-quality micronutrients included on the supplement fact box so inactive inert ingredients are not needed to fill capsule space. 

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We highly recommend visiting Suzy Cohen's web site for information on drugs and the effect that have on nutritional status

We also recommend friending Suzy on FaceBook since she is very active and provides lots of great nutrition information.