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I Alone Can Fix All of Your Problems

Friday, September 01, 2017

As we all know, no one person can fix all of our problems, no country nor company can be successful without expertise and encouraging input and commitment from a team of dedicated and passionate employees and advisors—and no one nutrient can fix our bodies, because the whole continues to be far greater than just the sum of its individual parts.

It’s called a synergistic effect, the opposite of antagonism.

Unfortunately, large-scale clinical studies on single nutrients will never completely explain their relationship to the human body, because the brilliant design and evolutionary changes of the body represent successful synergistic adaption.


Individual nutrient synergy effectiveness is as dependent as is the neck bone’s connection to the head bone, and the knee bone’s connection to the thigh bone (phrases from a well-known spiritual titled “Dem Bones.”)

Nevertheless, randomized, placebo-controlled study process continues to be the coin of the realm, because the risk of peer-review criticism can be lethal to an innovative research scientist when funding for original thought is limited—and it’s becoming more so every day, as government funding for any type of environmental, which includes the human body, scientific research is considered by some to be far less important than building walls.

The randomized control trial is by no means the only way to determine if a nutritional formulation is useful—even if it is the scientific methodology supported with almost religious fervor.

If patients and their physicians can obviously see and feel that one treatment works and another does not, is it not unethical in this world of unaffordable health care to demand outrageously expensive large-scale double-masked clinical trials on natural treatment to satisfy pharmaceutical industry gold-standard methodology and bureaucratic requirements?

Unfortunately, the enormous cost of conducting large-scale studies always gets passed on to the consumer, which is of particular concern in the case of biochemically balanced, full-spectrum multiple nutritional supplements, They help prevent nutritional deficiencies created by poverty, lack of critical thinking, and government support of unhealthy and unsustainable farming practices around nutrient-empty grains that fill the stomach but don’t come close to fulfilling the synergistic micronutrient requirements of the body.

The bottom line: It most always takes a diversified village of expertise to most effectively address social problems. It requires gratitude and willingness to respectfully pay full-time  employees the minimum wage amount required to provide a decent standard of living, and to maintain cohesive work forces responsible for moving our companies and country forward—and it takes a full-spectrum multiple to properly address nutritional deficiencies too often created by greed.

Ellen Troyer with Spencer Thornton, MD, David Amess and the Biosyntrx staff


The Biosyntrx founders, staff, and scientific advisory board sincerely wish our readers a thoughtful and respectful Labor Day Weekend celebration of everyone who labors to provide the shelter, food, education, health care, military, humanities, and the particularly important human infrastructure absolutely required to move our country forward, particularly in the areas affected by Harvey and possibly other incoming weather. 

Our hearts are broken over those who lost their lives and the emotional and physical pain suffered by so many including   colleagues in the line of the storm.  We are here for you. 

We will be closed on Labor Day. 

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