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One Way to Cope With Empty Nest

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Janice Joy is one of our fabulous customer service representatives, as well as the accounting assistant to our VP of Operations.  Janice takes Alan Watts advice seriously about the only way to make sense out of change is by plunging in, moving with it, and joining the dance.

The photo below of Janice in her brilliant University of Colorado, mechanical engineering major son, Tyler's 1988 Camaro was taken on July 20th, while she was rehearsing for the 2014 CHUMP car race at High Plains Raceway in Byer’s, CO. 

We know very few Moms who would agree to drive their college son’s race car when he is short a driver for a long race.  Janice never ceases to surprise and delight us.  Janice also rocks Fitbit. 

Ellen Troyer 
Biosyntrx CEO / Chief Research Officer